About Us

At Just Better Care, we believe in the benefits of community and the connections that we make together. Everyone has the right to participate in their community, to the extent that they choose. Just Better Care leads Australia in the provision of in-home support services, enabling people to live independently at home, maintain their personal and social connections and enjoy a better quality of life.

Just Better Care in the community

Every Just Better Care office is owned and operated locally, part of a network of businesses, organisations, services and groups that work together to the advantage of our customers.

We are actively engaged in enhancing our local communities by building local links and developing connections between people.

Each Just Better Care owner also employs and trains their own staff, reflecting the diversity and unique nature of each specific area.

Why are we different?

At Just Better Care, we don’t like labels. We don’t believe in categorising people by age, or ability, or condition, or any other reason. People are people. We all have our opinions, our choices and preferences, and have the right to exercise them. We have a wide range of in-home supportive services that are flexible to match your needs and requirements.

At Just Better Care, each person is treated as an individual. We take the time to get to know you, find out your story and learn who you are. We tailor our in-home supportive services based on what you want.

Our support professionals say the best part of the job is really getting to know people; these personal connections are what make this work special.

With Just Better Care, you’ll meet highly skilled, trained and experienced support professionals, who are also compassionate, understanding and willing to go the extra mile – always.

In-Home Support Services

All Just Better Care offices are ISO 9001 accredited, assuring you that our systems and processes are best practice. Every staff member holds a current Federal criminal record check undergo thorough suitability screening during recruitment.

in-home supportive services

Our Vision

  • Each person is an individual with choice and control over their life.
  • No-one is defined by the support or services they receive.
  • All people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Community care is a respected and skilled vocation.
  • Our society is inclusive and everybody matters.

Our Values

  • Boldness – proactive leaders of innovation and change
  • Empathy – we seek to understand how people feel.
  • Trust – we trust our workforce – our customers trust us.
  • Empowerment – choice is a fundamental right.
  • Respect – every individual is treated as such.

Our Purpose

Empowering people to access the care and support of their choice.

If you would like to talk with one of our staff about some of our in-home supportive services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 587 823.