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Franchise Opportunities Available: Build Your Personal Business Success and Empower Your Community

Are you seeking franchise opportunities and are looking to join an innovative franchise group in a high growth sector? Do you want to own a business that has a proven business success model and also improves and empowers the lives of individuals in your community?

Why consider the franchise opportunities available at Just Better Care?

Just Better Care leads Australia in the provision of in-home support, enabling people to live independently at home, maintain their social connections, and enjoy a better quality of life. Every Just Better Care office is owned and operated locally, part of a network of businesses, organisations, services, and groups that work together, to the advantage of our customers.

About Just Better Care

At Just Better Care, our goal is to provide the very best in-home support experience for our customers, everyday. We’re passionate about building a business that keeps personalised services, high-quality support, and a positive, consistent customer experience at the centre of everything we do. That’s why we operate within a decentralised model of business that empowers operators to take active control over their localised area of business.

We have no desire to build a centralised bureaucracy that holds all the power and ends up caring more about numbers than individuals. We’re not interested in maintaining the status quo in our industry. We don’t want to employ a long list of managers to clock in, tick the boxes, and wait for knock off time. We believe we’re better than that. That’s why we’ve built our model for sustainable growth of Just Better Care around a franchise model from day one. It’s a successful strategy that allows us to scale Just Better Care in reach, influence, branding, and ongoing business development without compromising the core necessity of remaining engaged on a local level, with both individuals and the greater community, wherever our offices are located. It is a model that offers franchise opportunities that make sense, and that are successful.

Our mission is to empower independent owners to lead Just Better Care local offices professionally, passionately, and profitably. We believe our franchise model is the most effective model of operating a service-centred business within an industry where customers expect authenticity, empathy and connection with the community at a grass roots level. The nature of offering support services to individuals requires local knowledge, local involvement, and everyday engagement within the local community. Most of all, it requires a lot of heart. We are in the people business, after all, and our motivation is to facilitate our customers to live their best life possible.

Franchise Opportunities

We’re not trying to build and micro-manage a top-down organisation. What we do have is a vision to empower our franchise owners to build their own financially, and relationally, successful businesses. That’s what makes our franchise opportunities so appealing. As the franchisor, Just Better Care Australia is continuing to position our brand, on behalf of all local franchisees, as a strong, passionate organisation that lives by its core values and that contributes to a lasting and positive impact on the lives of individuals around Australia.