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Am I A Good Candidate?

This is a common question as you begin the franchise research process.

Just Better Care is a unique business opportunity. People who achieve success with our franchise come from a wide variety of backgrounds and often do not resemble a typical community care industry owner. However, the one thing they all have in common is an entrepreneurial drive to succeed.

Our typical Franchise Business Owner is progressive; goal orientated, takes pride in exceeding service standards, and is not afraid to be out of their comfort zone driving their business forward. At Just Better Care, we love to see an idea, or a person grow and thrive in a professional atmosphere that rewards commitment.

In the application review process, we’ll want to learn about you and your reasons for wanting to own a community care franchise. The right reasons for wanting a care industry franchise are things like:

  • Having a passion for HR, workforce culture and valuing employees
  • Providing a meaningful service that makes a genuine difference to the lives of others
  • Wanting to be your own boss
  • Wanting to own and operate a business that’s part of an industry growth market
  • Having a passion or flare for sales, business development and local area marketing

Often the motivation is something as simple as having talked to someone whom works or owns a business in the community care industry, or having heard about a Just Better Care franchise and deciding you want the same thing for yourself.

Could you be our next Franchisee?

Our History

Just Better Care has been in operation since 2005, built on over 20 years of community care experience. The exceptional results of the business led to the development of the Just Better Care Franchise in 2007 using the proven business systems.

With offices across Australia, and part of the global Caring Brands International group, Just Better Care is Australia’s largest franchised provider of in-home care with over 30 franchised territories nationally.

Prominent franchise expert becomes JBC franchisee. Watch his testimony below.

The Market

We operate in the community care market which is estimated to generate over $43b in revenue during 2016. With a projected growth rate of 6.4% per annum over the next 5 years, this sector is driving the demand of people looking to receive care of all types in their own home. Government funding in both disability and aged care sectors is changing, providing consumers with more choice and control over how their funding package will be utilised and who will provide the care. Just Better Care is positioned to take advantage of these changes by providing the best care experience in the marketplace.

Care Concept

We provide a wide range of in-home services. Including aged, disability, in-home nursing, respite care, home cleaning, companionship, transport, shopping, meal preparation and much more. We are continually updating and changing our services to suit the changing needs of our customers. Care can range from visits once, twice or more daily through to live-in and 24 hour care.

Just Better Care is passionate about supporting people to live the quality of life they want in the place that offers them security and comfort – their home. We focus on delivering exceptional customer service whilst upholding the very best in professional care provision.

In-Home Support and Empowerment

Life Gets Better When You Have the Right Support

Local Territories

Just Better Care is a service based franchise system where by franchise owners are granted a defined geographical territory through which they set up an office, recruit and train qualified staff to deliver services to consumers located within the territory.

Local knowledge, connections, contacts and on the ground exposure within a territory is an advantage and can often help new franchise owners get up and running faster than if they were to start up a business outside of a location that is familiar to them. As your confidence and business grows it is often possible to seek additional expansion growth by taking on further franchise territories like many of our existing franchise owners have done.

We have franchise opportunities in the following areas:

Northern New South Wales
Northern Queensland
South Australia
Western Australia
Northern Territory

Financial Criteria

Drawing on many years of business and community care experience, we have established some minimum financial requirements. We truly want you to succeed, and we take these minimums seriously given that we know what is required to grow a business and also the risk associated with entering a business venture when under capitalised.

The requirements are:

• Available funds to cover the Franchise entry costs
• Working capital to support the business whilst you grow the territory
• You will also need to consider personal living expenses from the time you cease your current occupation until the business becomes financially self sustaining

It is important to be realistic about where the startup money, plus personal expenses, will come from, and if debt funding is required to support a successful franchise business. We can help you to develop your business plan and can also refer you to reputable banks or funding brokers to assist you arrange satisfactory finance.


“How do we succeed when we don’t know much about the community care industry?” – I was a trained marketer, or I was an engineer. We have heard this many times before and know the unique life experiences you bring are an advantage.

Whilst industry experience is always a great starting point, we look to attract business minded entrepreneurs as a large component of operating a successful Just Better Care franchise is growing and managing the business, i.e. sales, business development and workforce management. Having the skills to get out and sell your services is a key advantage and one that is ideally suited to our franchise system. Franchisees employ qualified and skilled care industry workers to deliver the care allowing the franchise owner to focus on growing the business and ensuring their workforce provides quality service delivery at all times.

2014 Australian Apprenticeships/Employer Award, Just Better Care Canberra Franchisee 

Just Better Care has proven business operating systems to minimise the possibility of costly mistakes and our comprehensive training and on-boarding program is constantly growing and incorporating new improvements. With each year and each new territory, we learn more about our customers and ourselves, so we continually adapt and update our services and training to ensure seamless transition into franchise ownership.

Owner Operators

Sometimes we receive applications from people looking for a passive investment opportunity or a part-time project. We’re always thankful that these people are impressed enough with Just Better Care system to apply, but we have to let them know this isn’t the franchise for them. We’re looking for committed business owners and operators, not part time investors.

IT and Systems

The Just Better Care business system is driven by a combination of the latest computer and mobile device technologies. Our scheduling system allows franchisees to respond to enquiries, efficiently schedule delivery of services and then automatically monitor employee visitations. This system affords the support workers to focus solely on delivery of exceptional in-home support service to customers.

In addition, our online Business Operating and Quality Management System is designed as a group reference and training tool that provides easily accessible guidelines and resources covering key areas of the business including Corporate Governance, Quality Management, Service Management, Human Resource Management, Operational Management, Marketing, Research and Development.

Financial Expectations

“How much money will I make?” – Profit is critical to every business.

This is a question that, in the strict sense, we can’t answer given every territory and every franchise owner is different. We will never be able to tell you how much money YOU can make. Your earnings potential and your level of gross income will depend upon a wide range of factors including the effort and energy you put into your business.

Whilst we cannot provide projected earnings for you we can provide some standard information that you can use to do your own projections and set earnings targets to support your individual circumstances. We provide as much information as we can under the provisions of the Franchising Code; however we strongly recommend that you seek advice from an independent financial advisor in this regard.


Some of the best Just Better Care franchises were started by people whom originally called us years before they signed an agreement, kept the idea in mind, saved their money, and eventually made the jump. We’re in this job for the long haul. Because of this, we take every enquiry seriously.

People’s situations change. But we take an instant liking to anyone with a dream of working for themselves and whom have ideals about success, quality and service. People who hang onto those ideas always get there. Whether you end up with Just Better Care or not, if we can get you motivated toward that dream, it’s worth it to us.

Step 2. Submit Enquiry