“Hi, I’m Ayan Farah, owner/operator of Just Better Care Melbourne North. Please feel free to contact our office with any of your questions and enquiries.”

Melbourne North
Ayan Farah
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Welcome to Just Better Care Melbourne North

In Home Support Melbourne North

Our community

People living in the Melbourne North suburbs are from a diverse range of cultural and linguistic background. Our qualified and experienced staff members speak a variety of languages. We carefully match each individual with support professionals that meet their individual, cultural and language requirements.

For many of our clients, migration is a key influence on their life and most of them will have faced challenges in adjusting to life in Australia. For some elderly people this includes the ongoing effects of experiences before migration. This is the part of the Victorian community that we are most experienced in supporting, with care and expertise built up over 30 years.

Our people

Each of our staff are employed from the local area. They have strong local networks, and understand what matters to people in the community.

Just Better Care Melbourne North support workers are continually training to increase their skills in aged care and disability support. Our goal is to provide each and every customer with the very best support.

Our promise

We are always available to listen to our customers and will provide services that fulfil every person’s unique needs.

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