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Support Coordination in your NDIS plan

The NDIS undoubtedly changes the way disability services are funded and delivered across Australia, however it can be overwhelming for so many individuals and their families. Just Better Care Sunshine Coast would like to help with this feeling of stress and ease your mind.  

The NDIS is overseen by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), and it focuses on providing funding and care to a person living with a disability that has affect across their whole life. Many Australians living with a disability are able to access more services than ever before, since the NDIA pledged that no one will be worse off under this new scheme. 

At Just Better Care we can help you with the process of filling out the NDIS plan. Through this pre-planning phase we will assist you in highlighting particular aspects of your life such as your living situation, health and wellbeing, independence, education and social participation - which is broken into both community and civic participation as well as your relationships with others. Through documenting and analysing this information we can find out who you are as an individual, and help create a tailor-made NDIS plan that focus directly on your goals and what YOU want. 

After setting your goals, further assistance and support is required to help you achieve these goals. Through discussion and pre-planning with you, Just Better Care can help you discover what services will help you in achieving your goals set in the NDIS plan. We offer a range of different support services that are customised to your needs, and focus directly on helping you live a more independent life, whilst simultaneously helping you to achieve your goals. 

Support Coordination helps to assist you in being able to act more independently. It is a capacity building support which helps implement all supports in a participant's plan. Through Support Coordination, you can be connected with further supports you may need, eg. speech therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists. An additional role of Support Coordinators is to help NDIS participants make the most of the flexibility in their plans. This refers to the fact that what is decided at the beginning of the year may need to be changed throughout the year to adapt to the participant.

Through Support Coordination at Just Better Care, we, 

• Support each participant with their goals
• Identify and address barriers
• Provide support with budgeting, understanding the portal and the NDIS price guide
• Identify and increase your support networks and informal supports
• Prepare for your next NDIS plan

We look after administration, legal reporting to NDIS, reports, reviews, unscheduled reviews and planned scheduled reviews. If you know a plan is coming to an end be prepared with quotes up to 8 weeks prior to the end date - if you don’t submit the correct quotes for services, the participant could be under funded. 

"We would like to thank Jayne Southgate for all the help she has provided us with the NDIS pre planning. Jayne was also of tremendous support to us when attending the first NDIS meeting and provided recommendations of supports available. Jayne's support at the interview made it much easier for us both. Thank you to Just Better Care for providing this wonderful service." 

- C & D Young
For free pre-planning or Support Coordination, please call us on 07 5353 5111.

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