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End of life support

As part of our commitment to assist older people to live independently, Just Better Care also provides palliative care for people who wish to remain at home at the end of life.
At Just Better Care, we work with our customers and their families to prevent and treat pain and other problems, to ensure the highest quality of life possible, right to the end of life.
Our palliative care services can include:
  • Administering medication
  • Wound care
  • Monitoring of clinical signs
  • Ongoing assessment of condition and wellbeing
  • Liaising with your doctor, specialist and other health professionals
Just Better Care’s professional nurses (registered and enrolled) are skilled and experienced in working with people at what can be an emotional and difficult time for all.
Palliative or end of life care can be difficult to discuss, but it’s important that people get the kind of care they want. There are guides, such as the Dying to Talk Discussion Starter, produced by Palliative Care Australia, that can guide you through that discussion.

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