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Social & lifestyle support

At Just Better Care, we know our customers want to get the most out of their home care services. Just Better Care offers a range of social and lifestyle options for aged care and disability customers so they can participate in the activities they enjoy. 

Getting out and about is a huge part of everyday life. Just Better Care can support you with all aspects of life in the areas that matter most to you. Our staff will support you to attend social activities, such as meeting up with friends, attending recreation events or connecting with family.

Just Better Care has strong links with the local community enabling us to assist you to build your own networks with people who share common interests. We support people to live independently and enjoy a lifestyle based on what they value most.

aged care services, disability services, community careTransport and mobility
Just Better Care can provide transport assistance to help you attend medical appointments, social events, celebrations and special occasions, and engage within your local community.

Recreation and social engagement
Our team is passionate about assisting customers to participate in the activities they enjoy. If there is an activity or event you would like to get involved in, our staff can work with you to make it happen.

Companionship for social events
At Just Better Care, we want you to feel supported at all times to lead the life you want. Our companionship support services means our support professionals can accompany you to attend social events and host events at home for friends and family.

Travel planning
Whether you're travelling locally, out of town or interstate, we can provide staffing support. Our local, national and global network means you can access quality care and support in many destinations.

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