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I want to put on record my appreciation for the wonderful services of Just Better Care and the Support Workers who take out my daughter, who has a profound disability. They are all exceptional: professional, caring and responsible. The best carers we’ve ever had!

The client informed me that he feels the Just Better Care Support Worker has changed her life, and that her daughters think of the worker like another member of the family. Her patient and caring nature has allowed his other family members to go back to enjoying time with their mum.

The ladies who took my wife shopping during my recovery were wonderful. They also helped with carrying everything into the house and packing our pantry. They were very patient and pleasant and my wife enjoyed the outings with them.

I have been with JBC 19 months and am very happy that I chose them. The office staff always tries very hard to accommodate my needs; which have changed over time eg. I lost most of the use of my arms and hands. Our family home has 3 disabled people with differing disabilities and medical conditions; which is very challenging. The office staff work hard to match care workers with us and they do a great job. They are wonderful and very understanding. The workers are very caring, punctual, careful, considerate and supportive which is very important to us. JBC has truly made a big difference to our family. I am very grateful to JBC and i would recommend them to anyone needing care at home.

I am very grateful for the wonderful efficient cleaning the ladies do. They are always cheerful and friendly.