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More mobility, more independence

Posted: 12/5/2017 1:05 AM by Just Better Care
More mobility, more independence At 77 years of age, Robert had one simple request: to have greater mobility and more independence.

Unable to hold a driver’s licence, Robert wanted to get out more on his own, and run errands for his wife Lisa. Robert had often seen his neighbour getting around on a mobility scooter and wanted to find out if this would be a possibility for himself.

Now retired and with limited access to his social group, Robert was starting to feel a bit isolated. He suffers from
osteoarthritis, which gives him chronic pain, restricting his mobility and increasing his risk of a fall. Without transport, living independently while also providing support for Lisa can be difficult.

Robert sat down with his neighbour and Just Better Care Ryde Parramatta & Bankstown Support Advisor Debbie to discuss the idea of a mobility scooter.

He said the transportation would enable him to go shopping, meet friends for coffee, and simply go out at his own leisure.

Guided by Debbie and his neighbour, Robert was able to do a test-drive around the complex where they live. After assessing his ability to drive the scooter safely, Debbie began the process to make Robert’s dream a reality.

This required a risk management plan, and assistance from multiple organisations within the community, including Parramatta Council’s social inclusion officer, an occupational therapist, the mobility scooter provider, his neighbour, and the Trustee who manages Robert’s finances.

The Just Better Care team also helped Robert to securely store his scooter, safely charge the scooter’s batteries and manage the keys. Collaborating with all these supporters ensured the process was swift and smooth for Robert.

The day he received his new mobility scooter, Robert’s eyes filled with tears of joy.

“No one has ever done so much for me, ever. Thank you,” he said.

“It really makes your day when you see the look of joy on someone’s face,” Debbie said.

“There were quite a few phone calls and people involved, but everyone worked together well and the process went really smoothly. It was a great team effort.”

Robert is delighted with his new scooter, and can safely visit the local shopping mall where he goes most days. He navigates the supermarket aisles to collect the groceries and was recently able to ride his scooter to visit Lisa while she was in hospital for a short stay. Robert’s sense of independence has improved dramatically.

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