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Family at the heart of career success

Posted: 10/14/2018 11:39 PM by Just Better Care
Just Better Care Franchise For Casey, working with his mum Verity was never the plan. What started as a part time job to help him through university, turned into a new career path and a passion for community care.

“I feel very lucky to be working in such a supportive environment, and not just because my mum is the boss,” Casey added.

“We have amazing customers who often come to us at a difficult time in their lives.

“To be able to assist that person and their family to regain their sense of confidence and independence is really special.”

There’s no doubt where Casey gets his passion. His mother Verity has been working in community care for over 10 years, running their Just Better Care franchise for the past seven.

“It’s much more than work to me. My motivation from day one has been the incredible opportunity we have to improve lives,” Verity said.

“Whether it’s improving our customers’ afternoon, week or year, our contributions always feel valued and important.”

She attributes her success, in some part, to the relationship she has with her team. Working with her son has brought some challenges, but it’s also added real warmth to the office environment.

“The people I work with have made a huge impact on my life,” Verity said.

“It’s my priority to maintain a good relationship with everyone, and to treat them like I would treat my own family.

“Although Casey and I have a professional relationship at work, it certainly helps that we are so close. Sometimes I’ll have a thought, and the next minute Casey is saying exactly what was on my mind,” Verity said.

“It can be hard to keep work away from our personal lives. We have to be very careful not to overlap the two.”

For Casey and Verity, the key to maintaining the delicate balance between personal and professional is to leave the office to spend time together, as mother and son.

“We usually pop out to our favourite coffee shop to catch up on our lives outside of work. I love that Casey is as passionate about our work as me, but sometimes we both need a caffeine break before heading back and getting our work done!” Verity joked.

The recent growth of the franchise is attributed to the commitment of the team and the launch of the NDIS.

“There is a real family environment within the office. Alongside Casey and myself, we have the combined talents of mother and daughter team, managers Leanne and Payton,” Verity said.

“Coordination manager Vanessa works closely with her daughter Taylah, a Community Support Professional working in the field. We also have Laura who is our NDIS Manager and is a vital part of the family.”

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