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September 2018

A season for change: Just Better Care September forum

Posted: 9/23/2018 9:14 PM by Just Better Care

Industry experts from across the Just Better Care network and further afield came together last week to share their insights and experiences at the 2018 September Franchise Forum.

Aged care should value and protect every individual

Posted: 9/21/2018 1:29 AM by Just Better Care

Just Better Care welcomes aged care Royal Commission.

Grandmother’s dementia leads to career in care

Posted: 9/17/2018 12:41 AM by Just Better Care

Callum’s grandmother was diagnosed with dementia when he was eight years old. Like many older people with dementia, Callum’s grandmother wanted to retain her independence and denied she needed help.

Dementia in Australia

Posted: 9/17/2018 12:29 AM by Just Better Care

Dementia currently affects an estimated one in 10 Australians aged over 65; so it’s likely that you know someone with dementia or perhaps you might be affected by it yourself. We spoke with Kaele Stokes from Dementia Australia to demystify dementia, and learn how to be a dementia friend.

The first step is the most important

Posted: 9/17/2018 12:15 AM by Just Better Care

What do you want to achieve and what is stopping you?” That’s the first thing Anna Moriarty asks each new client who comes into her clinic. “Everyone has different goals. We talk to our clients about the things that are meaningful to them, and do our best to make them happen,” Anna said.

Leanne prized for making it Possible

Posted: 9/13/2018 7:31 PM by Just Better Care

More than 230 Possible Award nominations were received from Just Better Care customers and staff members across Australia throughout the year. Meet the office staff winner of the Possible Award.

Gold star of the Gold Coast

Posted: 9/11/2018 2:06 AM by Just Better Care

The Possible Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of Just Better Care employees, who help older Australians and people living with disability to achieve their goals, providing in-home care and support.

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