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The first step is the most important

Posted: 9/17/2018 12:15 AM by Just Better Care
The first step is the most important What do you want to achieve and what is stopping you?” That’s the first thing Anna Moriarty asks each new client who comes into her Steps Therapy clinic in Melbourne.

It could be as simple as crossing the road before the red light flashes, but the neurological physiotherapist says identifying and working towards functional goals is the  first step towards seeing improvements in physical mobility.

“Everyone has different goals. We talk to our clients about the things that are meaningful to them, and do our best to make them happen,” Anna said.

Anna co-owns Steps Therapy – a clinic focused on neuroplasticity. Neurological physiotherapy assists those who have limited mobility or movement due to impairment of the brain, nerves or spinal cord.

This could be due to an accident, a degenerative disease or a condition such as cerebral palsy. After 15 years of practice, Anna knows all treatment starts and ends with client mindset.

“I work with a lot of people who have spinal cord injuries, as this is a particular interest of mine,” Anna said.

“The road to recovery is long for these clients, often it requires many years of therapy. But to see the look on their face the first time they take a step, swim a lap, or just feel comfortable is so powerful.”

Every treatment plan is different, because every client is different, even if they appear to have similar circumstances.

“The outcomes really depend on what our clients want to see change,” Anna said.

“It might be improving your gait to be able to stand up independently, or it could be taking the dog for a walk.”

Anna, along with her group of trained physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and exercise physiologists, all work together to support people through recovery, or to manage a chronic condition.

“I see many of my clients twice a week, for up to two or three years. We really get to know them, their goals, and become an integral part of their health care journey.

“We work hard to understand the client and then it is our job to devise a treatment plan that improves their overall quality of life.”

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