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Disability support

Disability care

At Just Better Care, we offer a range of disability support options to ensure you can lead an independent lifestyle.

We put individual preferences and support needs at the centre of our approach, offering you choice and control over when and how support is provided. We work with you to continue to build your capacity and confidence in all areas of your life.

Our skilled staff are matched to your individual needs and preferences to ensure that each service is able to create opportunities for you to lead the best life possible. You don’t need to fit in with what’s available, or with models that have been tailored to the majority. We can work with you to develop a support plan that suits your lifestyle and goals.

“Thank you to the wonderful staff at Just Better Care for supporting my son. He has so much fun with his JBC companion!  Each week he goes out on an adventure; he is learning new skills; he loves being away from home and having new experiences.  We did not know he was capable of so much!"
- R.M., Parent

Choosing services that suit your lifestyle

Daily living assistance
To make everyday a bit easier, we provide personal care, transport and mobility support, overnight support and respite for carers.

Hobbies and interests
Whether you would like to take up a new sport or attend local events, we can support you to achieve your goals.

Help around the home
We can assist you with providing domestic assistance such as laundry, cleaning, and making beds.

Social connections
We can support you to engage in the activities you enjoy, and help you to connect with your community.

Health and wellbeing
We can provide in-home nursing support, as well as assistance with regular exercise and fitness programs to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Possible starts today, contact us to discuss your individual needs.