Our promise is centred on three values: Reliability, Relationship and Results.


Just Better Care provides experienced support; to enrich your quality of life. We are your partners in care giving choice, control and independence.


At Just Better Care we are truly committed to caring for you. Using our extensive expertise and resources, we promise to help you make informed decisions with your best interests at heart and to easily navigate any situation that may arise.

We enable you to maintain your independence and live the life you want. Through our promise of detailed collaboration, we will develop a truly tailored support plan.

It is Just Better Care’s mission to ensure you feel satisfied, supported and secure in the services you are receiving.

  • Choose the support staff you feel comfortable with
  • Multi-lingual support staff available for non-English speaking customers
  • Flexibility to change the type of service you want to receive at short notice
  • Social & lifestyle support to fit with your lifestyle
  • All staff are police screened during the recruitment process
  • Before the first service, we will visit to ensure you feel safe and comfortable

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to assist you in evaluating what kind of in-home support suits your requirements. Contact us today for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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December 2016

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March 2016

The Empowerment of Individuals with a Disability.

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I have been with JBC 19 months and am very happy that I chose them. The office staff always tries very hard to accommodate my needs; which have changed over time eg. I lost most of the use of my arms and hands. Our family home has 3 disabled people with differing disabilities and medical conditions; which is very challenging. The office staff work hard to match care workers with us and they do a great job. They are wonderful and very understanding. The workers are very caring, punctual, careful, considerate and supportive which is very important to us. JBC has truly made a big difference to our family. I am very grateful to JBC and I would recommend them to anyone needing care at home.
Judy, Eastern Suburbs Customer